Siri is a Moron

Hey, Siri- BUCK-TICK.” (Custom programmed iOS shortcut keyword that instantly plays a shuffled personal playlist of BUCK-TICK)

Siri goes online and proceeds to quote biotech stocks at the closing of today’s market.

Attraction: Come To Me Gilia

Question for the Community 🤔

What would be necessary for you guys to feel comfortable here?

A nice handful of you have responded with hopeful but wary wishes for the community to be revived, but it’s stopping there and there’s been no further progress. We’ve got to do something, or it’s going to continue to be dead. I’m out here rallying for activity alone, surrounded with hesitant wallflowers not comfortable to make the next move and get out on the dance floor, so to speak... and I don’t want this community to be about me. That’s not my intention. Just, someone has to be the first to get out there, and that’s me, apparently. I want to see this place flourishing again.

I know that a lot of water has gone under the bridge with major safety and abuse concerns. I’m working on addressing that issue right now, to try to make things arranged so that won’t be easy to happen again. And then there’s the necessity of respecting copyrighted music and magazine content etc. limiting what we can post, compared to back in the day when it was anything goes because Japan really hadn’t noticed or given a darn about those outside of their primary audience. So that makes things more difficult, I know. But that is important.

I’ve also been looking into the potential of having prize drawings to generate buzz. Amazon offers a great service for that, to keep honest randomization of drawings, keep it legal, free shipping of prizes, 100% privacy for winners personal addresses and information, but with a hitch: they only serve the continental United States, so no non-USA members could participate. Journal user heads and paid user accounts are a safe and less expensive prize option globally, but not as thrilling as winning albums, and if you’re not using your account for anything but reading the feed, sort of worthless.

So feedback- what would be needed to help you feel more comfortable to participate here?


Challenge 3 🎶🎤🎸

If you could go back in time and attend any BUCK-TICK concert, complete with a wad of cash for scoring merch, which would it be?

Any special tour final? An infamous date not caught on film but rumored of? A FISH TANKers ONLY? Multi band fest? Indie show way back in the beginning? Or even TV appearance on a music show?
RockIt Dove

Challenge Reply

Here’s my post for the challenge.

What made me love BUCK-TICK?

Sakurai’s writing. The lyrics. The more you explore them to translate, you discover the games he plays with layers, and puns in ways that English is incapable of. The best way I can describe it is that it’s in 3D. It’s similar to classical Japanese poetry of Shinto prayer. The more things that are relevant that you can wedge into the readings as alternate translations, the higher the chance of your prayer being responded to for earning the respect of the deity. You have to impress them for your wish to be granted. He does that, and spectacularly.

Linguistically he has an interesting fingerprint too. Our choices of words, our patterns are unique to each of us, like a fingerprint. Part of his fingerprint is the way words feel when spoken or sung. He uses a heavy amount of words that rub against the ridge of the palate (roof of your mouth) in a sensual way. Seriously. Try singing a few of Imai’s songs and a few of Sakurai’s from over the years, and you’ll feel the difference physically. Wild stuff. LOL

If you were to compare me to Sanrio’s Aggretsuko characters, I’d be Fenneko, the slightly creepy odd coworker who data crunches facial movements, posts, photos, videos, memos to get under the hood of them psychologically. I know, I admit it. It’s nerdy weird. 🤓 But it’s fun.

RockIt Dove

Challenge Post!

Happy New Year!

Here’s a challenge, to get the feed moving and get to know each other better. There is no time limit to participate.

What made you love BUCK-TICK?

It’s a little different than the usual “how did you discover them” thing. Most of us know how we found the band, but haven’t looked closely at what they did or were that tipped the balance and made us fans.

Post it up in a separate post of your own, not in the comment threads of this post.
RockIt Dove

Resurrecting the Dead

Hi. I know that there’s not much action here right now, but bear with me.

Over the past several years we’ve seeing the decline of the English speaking fan community’s friendship, the ability to really socialize. Sure, there’s always going to be a large portion of fans that are searching for scans and other things to acquire, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about not being isolated. Actual friends.

I propose breathing life back into this place, and doing just that: get to know each other.

If we’re going to be successful, there’s a few things that are necessary:

• Be active here. Comment. Post. No matter how weird it feels. It’s going to start out slowly. Think of this place like a night club that just opened up for the night. It’s awkward and not many people are there for the first few hours.

• Rather than focusing on collecting people on your journal’s friends list or private messaging, chats on messenger etc., try to keep the socializing out here. It’ll forge a stronger community and protect against stalky trolls, anti-fans and the like that have made things unsafe in the past... who aren’t really the genuine fans.

My own journal and private messaging are completely locked off- the only means of communication with me are right here. I gently suggest trying it that way to everyone, and seeing how it goes... considering that most everyone didn’t have an active journal in the past anyway. Doing it this way would speed things up here, and we can watch out for everyone’s safety. Real friendship and community, rather than collecting others like Pokemon to be the best, most popular fan.

• Let’s shift the focus to friendship. Networking is OK, but it’s still about acquisitions.

• Power needs to be kept neutral. Friendship isn’t about power, yes-man following the fan with the most toys or gathering closer to fans near ground zero of the band for news. There’s places online for that, if that’s what you’re looking for. Equality. It’s necessary for friendship.

I know I’m awkwardly talking heavy shit in an empty room right now, trying to show activity, but I think we can do this. We’ve learned a lot from the past several years, of what doesn’t work. And way back, LiveJournal did. Let’s make it happen again.

Spread the word. 🎶🎩🎤🎸🥁
filigree profile Sakurai

BUCK-TICK on ニコニコ生放送

BUCK-TICK just had a 2 days of concerts on NicoNico Live, and if you’ve missed them, you can still see them on timeshift. (I think you’re possibly required to be a premium member for that, but it’s not expensive and you can PayPal it)

Day 1 was-
BUCK-TICK TOUR 2013 『THE DAY IN QUESTION』(2013.12.23 郡山公演)

BUCK-TICK TOUR 2014 『metaform nights OR ANARCHY』 (2014.12.14 Zepp Tokyo公演)

Day 1 gate:

Day 2 was-
『TOUR アトム 未来派 No.9』(2016.11.10中野サンプラザ公演)

and the current tour- 『TOUR No.0 - Guernican Moon -』(2018.11.10 豊洲PIT公演)

Day 2 gate:

ニコニコ生放送 on Apple TV

If you own an Apple TV streamer you can access ニコニコ生放送 outside of Japan by changing stores and logging into the Japanese App Store through your Apple TV and downloading the free NicoNico app. Feeds are very easy to access, stable, and high-quality through the Apple TV- very worth it.