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BUCK-TICK International Fan Community
Welcome to the BUCK-TICK livejournal fan community, a forum to discuss music and events concerning the band and related projects. While English is the primary language shared in the posts, our members represent scores of countries from North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. We are also building one of the largest archives of B-T history, scans, and translations on the net thanks to contributions from our members- check our memories!

Feel free to add yourself to the
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This is primarily a news and information service for the band. Please feel free to ask questions about releases, lives, or band history; there are many long time fans as well as newer fans here to share information and our love of BUCK-TICK.

In Wonder Underground

In the memories, you will find a treasure trove of scans, lyric and interview translations, and lyrics in kanji and romaji. Please feel more than free to post your own into the community! Any and all translation, transcription, romanization, etc., is more than welcome, regardless of your opinions on your own skill level! Please credit the translator if you use their translation elsewhere.


This is NOT a file-sharing community, and requests for PVs/mp3s or posts containing these files will be deleted. Easy rule of thumb: if you can buy it, don't post it here. Scans, online interviews, tv appearances, and (official/published) photos are okay >> until we are told otherwise.

This is NOT a fanfiction community, keep that in other communities or in your own journal please ;-; Please do not post any roleplay, "muse writings/comments", or fanfiction. Fan art is welcome if it is respectable (no xxx-slash or graphic depictions). We love to see icons, layouts, macros, and triBuTe art! And when sharing your works, please post them directly to buck_tick and don't force us to go elsewhere to see them. It's so much nicer.

This is NOT a gossip/stalking community. Please respect the personal private lives of the band members as well as your fellow BiTches- we are all human beings with families and feelings. Please also try to limit any 'fangirl' outbursts to a minimum as best you can, see here for details.
Of course everyone is very interested in the men behind the music, and members will often answer fan questions based on knowledge gleaned from media sources or interviews.

:/ Those sound like a lot of 'rules,' but hopefully you will find very little BiTching among us BiTches.

Questions? Contact one of the moderatorsAdmin BiTches!
_maldorora, maldorora-at-gmail-dot-com
il_pleut, il_pleut-at-live-journal-dot-com (remove all -)

tigerpal, tigerpal-at-earthlink-dot-net
jenbowie, bakuchikujen-at-gmail-dot-com


Buck-Tick Official Site
Sony Music Official site
Victor Entertainment Official site
Official blog of Imai Hisashi
B-T Engineer Junichi Tanaka's blog
Lucy Official Site
Victor Entertainment Lucy Official site
Sakurai Atsushi at Victor Entertainment

Yagami Toll and the Blue Sky Official Site
Moved from http://yagami-toll.com (which doesn't work anymore :/).

Wild Wise Apes Official Site
Moved from http://higuchi-yutaka.com (which doesn't work anymore :/).

dropz (Hoshino Hidehiko solo project) OHP:
http://www.dropz.jp (which doesn't work anymore :/)

Official Raymond Watts/PIG site


Japanese B-T wikipedia, with Discography & Bibliography

Sites with kanji lyrics, romaji, and/or translations:
Nopperabou (A beautiful archive of Buck-Tick translations and help for overseas fans).
Buck-Tick LYRICS
Raymond Watts Site (a very comprehensive fansite which includes some SCHWEIN and SCHAFT information and lyrics).
This is NOT greatest site (romaji, japanese, translations of lyrics) by kazkaz_kame!

Great English-language sites for historical information, reviews, photos, wallpapers:
The Buck-Tick Zone
SCHWEIN history & bibliography/discography, live reports in Japanese for entire tour
Asylum Garden (currently closed? ;o;)
Hyluko's Gallery (also has translations)by hyluko!
Spellbound by hisashiatsitoll!

general fansites/shrines/bbs:

lucy_show Lucy fansite
atsu_a_go_go Atsushi fansite
bt_graphics Icons, Wallpapers, Layouts
baby_i_wantyou Fangirl central
btnorevolver The first Spanish-language B-T community
love_me_bt Loving B-T in Spanish
sexualxxxxx_sub B-T fansubbing group
French Discussion Board

Buck-Tick stylists:

Buck-Tick costume designer Yagi Tomoharu's site:

Sakurai Atsushi solo album art designer Nagato Tetsuya article

The blog of the one-and-only Genet. B-T friend and epicurian:

If you have a site you'd like to add that is B-T related, please contact one of the Admin BiTches!
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